I’m back!

Miss me? Well, I sure miss y’all! After an 8-month hiatus, I’m glad to be clearing the cobwebs off my blog to write this entry.

Lots have changed since the last post, and I wanted to take the time to catch up on all of the amazing (and sometimes absurd) things I’ve done when I was away.

First off, I embarked on a fruitful, rigorous 6-month internship with one of Singapore’s top food blogging companies, Miss Tam Chiak, as a Food Writer (psst… check out my works here).

Under the guidance of a tight-knit team, I took the time to hone my food photography, writing and tastebuds. I wanted to challenge myself in a company that does the opposite of my blog’s niche, and I’m glad I did. Sweating it out in hawker centres throughout the country gave me precious insights into our local hawker culture and the struggles of F&B businesses on the ground. Thus, I look forward to covering more hawker stalls in future posts with kind honesty.

Now, if I personally find that the food is crap, I will tell you it’s crap. But, a new thing I will do is to add a feedback note for food establishments to improve. After all, people can be better if given the chance to do so.

Snagging a pic with the Eiffel Tower is a must!

Next thing is… I finally travelled overseas after two years! I must confess, I was burnt out beyond belief after grinding at my diploma for the past three years. So, this was a well-needed break away from the humid hustle of Singapore to the refreshing spring of Paris.

I went on an indulgent food spree during the eight days I had there, and I’ve finally summoned up the motivation to share them with you. So, look forward to the ASHWONGEATSINPARIS series!

I might also be adding a travel/art section to this blog for expansion😉

All in all, I’m back and I can’t wait to share my food adventures one snapshot at a time