Burgs: Popular Local Burger Joint Opens New Outlet at 313 @ Somerset

In a midst of goliath foreign burger chains in Singapore, the humble home-grown Burgs by Project Warung is making waves right at the heart of town! This fast-casual restaurant is located at level 5 of Food Republic and it’s the perfect place to grab a bite with friends.

Space & Ambience

The 313 outlet boasts of its gorgeous city view that you can people-watch at. The mosaic tiles and wooden furniture gives a mix of calm and youthfulness – definitely appeals to the Millennials and Gen Zs out here!


The Burgs Classic Cheese Burger ($6.90 Single, 9.90 Double) consist of a handcrafted beef patty, American cheese, lettuce and tomato, crispy fried shallots and pickled green chilli.

The beef patty is moist and juicy, but I was disappointed that there’s little flavour (or lack of seasoning) in it. The pickled green chilli saves it by providing crispness but it’s not as spicy as a chilli would be. My only favourite was its toasted buns and the crispy fried shallots that made the burger worthwhile.

I might fault the burger, but the Burg’s Nuggies with Cheese Dip ($5.90) is killer good. The nuggets are made of real chicken chunks which is fried crispy on the outside yet juicy tender on the inside. It’s paired with a nacho flavoured sauce that has a slight heat to it. For small eaters, you can definitely get this with another side and you’re good to go with this protein galore! I would highly recommend it.

The Burgs Cheese Fries ($4.90) is fried till golden brown, with its potato chunks not losing moisture despite its fried exterior. The cheese sauce is similar to the one from the nuggets.

Overall I would give Burgs 313 @ Somerset the following rating:

Food: 3/5

Space & Ambience: 4/5

*All photos were taken by me. This post is not sponsored, opinions are of my own.

Burgs by Project Warung

313@somerset #05-01/02/03 Stall 25, 313 Orchard Road Singapore 238895

Operating Hours: 11:30am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)