Gimme that Ice Cream at Museum of Ice Cream!

As Kpop girl group Red Velvet once said…

I scream, you scream

Gimme that, gimme that, ice cream

September Hols is here, which is perfect for families to visit the Museum of Ice Cream to get your Willy Wonka dreams fulfilled.

As for me, I went in end August with my mother to celebrate the end of my final year project. As we’re both sweet tooths, we were excited to indulge in the free ice cream that comes with our ticket.

Price per pax:

Single: From $42

Group of 2 or 3: From $40

Group of 4 or more: From $38

Warning: the following content is a walk through of my full experience which will contain spoilers! This is just a casual diary, so have fun reading 🙂

We first enter a waiting area where we can fill in our Ice cream names. For me, I put mine as ‘Ash-tea’ cause ya know, ‘Ash-ley’, get it?

Then we we’re led into a room with ice cream panels and trivias on the walls. There are also tablet stations where you get to design your own virtual ice cream.

Next, we proceed onto an Ice cream tower installation whereby you can roll balls around the slides.

Time for an ice cream break! We went to a room that’s decorated to be of a California Sunset vibe. We get to choose 2 flavours: Lime and Strawberry from Häagen-Daz.

Personally, the Lime flavour was too sour, but the strawberry is rich so it balances it out.

An Instagrammable photospot has to be this! In the small room contains a surprise…

which is the musical sandcastle that’s viewable through the peepholes. You can follow the instructions and find the miniature people inside.

The next installation puts your scrabble game to the test. We got to arrange letters around to form messages on the magnetic pink walls.

Ding! Time for another ice cream break. This time, it’s at a 1950s pink diner set up.

There is the apple crumble flavour and strawberry with sprinkles, both equally rich and delicious.

Play scream-worthy tunes from the pink jukebox

Afterwards, you can burn your calories at the pink bouncy castle. Gotta remove your shoes though!

Feeling small? Try the popsicle installation where you get to sit and eat.

The ice cream is bobo-hitam flavoured. Hard as a rock to chow down but taste quite authentic.

If you wanna gain some party trivia, have a look at the different ice cream types around the world.

This installation screams Singaporean. We have the iconic Toa Payoh dragon reincarnation in pink, with different play elements for children.

For ice cream choices, you can choose either the lychee bandung or the taro milk tea.

Another Insta-worthy spot is the banana tunnel!

For families, you can make a cardboard ice cream truck with free cutouts.

Finally, we’ve come to the grand finale: the infamous sprinkle pool!

Overall, I had fun taking pictures and going through the whole experience. Would definitely recommend bringing your friends and family for a good photo moment or an occasional brain freeze.

100 Loewen Rd, Singapore 248837

Mon – Wed: CLOSED
Thu – Sun: 10am – 10.30pm

Open on 6 & 8 Sept for Sep school holidays

*All photos were taken by me. This post is not sponsored, opinions are of my own.