Gyoza no Ohsho: Homey Japanese Joint at Cuppage Plaza

Looking for a great supper spot that fuels your stomach while giving you peace of mind? Gyoza no Ohsho is a homey Japanese restaurant that serves up Japanese-style Chinese cuisine in town.

Space & Ambience:

Tucked away from the rows of bars in Cuppage Plaza, Gyoza no Ohsho has a cosy space comfortable for 20 – 25 pax.

I can’t help but be reminded of the Japanese TV series ‘Midnight Diner’ when I look at Gyoza no Ohsho’s open kitchen and counter stool sitting set up.


I ordered from the set menu the ramen + gyoza combination that was only $19.

The Tamago Ramen (ala carte $16) has springy noodles that are firm when bitten, and the Tamago egg not overly cooked while retaining some runniness in the yolk. The pork slices are thin, but the meat is tender. The pork broth soup was light and balanced, unlike the heavy soup bases that will make you feel jelak after a few sips. 

My only complaint was that the bean sprouts on top of the ramen were too raw to enjoy.

The Gyoza (ala carte $5) is pan-seared to the right crispness. The gyoza skin was thin yet sturdy enough to hold the filling. The pork filling is juicy, and the crunch from the vegetables makes the gyoza refreshing.

When I first saw the funky potato ($6) on the menu, I was immediately intrigued by the name. It consists of deep-fried chicken and fries coated with chilli sauce. The chicken is crispy and succulent, and the thick chilli sauce-coated fries is starchy. The sauce itself carries a Maggie bottled chilli level type of heat. Personally, I would recommend the funky potato if you ever visit.

Overall, I would give Gyoza no Ohsho the following rating:

Food: 4/5

Space & Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

*All photos were taken by me. This post is not sponsored, opinions are of my own.

Gyoza no Ohsho

Address: 5 Koek Road, #01-10 Cuppage Plaza, Singapore 228796

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 1700 – 2300, Sat & Sun: 1100 – 2300