The Brewing Ground: Pet-friendly Cafe Serves Hearty Avocado Toast And More

As a self-proclaimed avocado lover, I’ve tried my fair share of subpar avocado toasts that made me think twice about ordering the dish for breakfast.

However, I decided to take a chance on The Brewing Ground to determine if this hidden cafe in the east can serve up a good avocado toast in their breakfast selection.

Space and Ambience

Located at the slightly secluded The Yards building in Joo Chiat, The Brewing Ground boasts its spacious interior and exterior.

The Brewing Ground’s ‘glasshouse’ interior is supported with black archways and furnished with beautiful ceiling lights and pottery, giving an airy and casual feel.

Enjoy an al-fresco dining space with ample seating. For pet owners, it’s a good place for you and your dogs to chill as you enjoy your food.

Do note that there’s a maximum of 1.5 hours of dining time at The Brewing Ground.


The Avocado & Ricotta Tartine ($17) with smoked salmon (add-on $5) has a beautiful presentation that’s very floral– fitting for spring. 

The avocado to toast ratio is decent. The ripe and creamy avocado is generously slathered on the warm, chewy sourdough bread. The roasted cherry tomatoes are plum, and their tartness cuts back the heaviness of the avocado. The pickled radish cleanses your palate after each bite, while the almond flakes provide a satisfying crunch.

What I liked about The Brewing Ground’s smoked salmon add-on is the fact that it’s not overly doused in salt, so you could still taste the slight smokiness of the salmon without ruining the taste.

Build Your Breakfast (starting from $8). Add-ons: Thick Cut Maple Bacon ($5), whole avocado ($4.50) and Hash Browns ($4.50)

Without hesitation, I’m gonna jump the gun and address the Thick Cut Maple Bacon first because, gosh, have you ever seen such a THICK slice of bacon served in cafes? Usually, the disappointing thin cardboard-like bacon is served on the breakfast menu, but not in this case.

Not to mention how the maple coats each fatty pork slice which gives off a sweet and alluring glimmer to feast your eyes (and stomach). I particularly liked how the bacon is juicy and succulent on the inside. Personally, I would die for this bacon, and it’s definitely a must-try when ordering.

The scrambled egg looks stunning with its resemblance to those scrambled eggs that you can find in Japan. However, despite its runny appearance on the outside, the egg is slightly hard on the inside. It’s also a bit bland; I would’ve wished it had more flavour to complement its looks.


As for the coffee, I would’ve hoped for a stronger brew as it’s slightly watered down.

Overall, I give The Brewing Ground the following rating:

Food: 4.5/5
Space & Ambience: 5/5
Service: 3.5/5

*All photos were taken by me. This post is not sponsored, opinions are of my own.

The Brewing Ground
406 Joo Chiat Pl, #01-24 The Yards, Singapore 428084
Opening hours: Mon-Sun (8.30am – 5pm)
Breakfast: opening to 4pm
Brunch, mains: 11am – 4pm