Dan’s Steaks: New Korean-influenced Steakhouse Opens at Serangoon Gardens

Chef Daniel Ong has opened a new Korean-influenced steakhouse at Serangoon Gardens this week. What started out as Chef Dan’s home business during Phase 1 of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker has turned into the successful debut of his restaurant, Dan’s Steaks.

Although Dan’s Steaks has their reservations fully booked till May, my family and I were lucky enough to snag a seat to try it out!

Space & Ambience

Credit: Dan’s Steaks FB

Dan’s Steaks’ interior is a cosy space with its warm backlit lights and dark wood tones, making for the perfect backdrop to snap pics of your dishes.


The 6 Banchans on 17 April are the honey balsamic tomatoes, garlic cucumbers, Fay’s kimchi, potato salad, radish kimchi, and glass noodle japchae.

Dan’s Steaks provides a complimentary Korean Banchan (side dishes) course that consists of 6 Banchans rotated based on seasonal availability.

The tomato is plum. However, the balsamic vinegar is a bit too sour for my liking. The cucumber is crunchy, but it’s a bit bland. Thankfully, the potato salad won me over with its creaminess and smooth texture.

Both the cabbage and radish kimchi are crunchy and not overly saltish. I would recommend saving some kimchi to go along with the beef as it gives you a refreshing taste afterwards. Lastly, the glass noodle japchae is done well with its bouncy texture and flavourful taste.

Personally, I think the Banchan course portion is decent for 2-3 pax.


Moving on to our main attraction, the beef! Dan’s Steaks offer 250g – 350g Grass-fed steaks, USDA Prime and Wagyu beef. Fun fact: The beef is personally done by Chef Dan himself, so be assured that your steak is in good hands.

Dan’s Steaks’ star feature would be their Large Cuts. The 1kg – 1.4kg steak selection is best sharing amongst 3 – 4 pax, which consists of Tenderloin ($138), Bone-In Eye ($128), and Striploin ($118).

I was pleasantly surprised by the thick slices of beef Tenderloin (1kg, $138)

The beef slices are firm and can be cut easily with a knife. The outer rub of the beef is crispy and has a nice smokiness from the grill. There’s limited ‘bloodiness’ from the beef, which is always a plus. Although we ordered a medium-rare steak, I personally think the done-ness is more towards a medium than a medium-rare. 


All Large Cuts come with 2 sides of choice. We went with Dan’s Mac N Cheese and Creamed Spinach.

Dan’s Mac N Cheese ($8) uses 3 kinds of cheeses, bechamel sauce, and it’s oven finished.

The ‘cheese crust’ of the Mac N Cheese is crispy and warm. However, the inside of the dish is a bit dry. I would’ve hoped for a more moist Mac N Cheese with cheese being overlapped on each macaroni.

The Creamed Spinach ($8) is topped with a fried runny egg. The sauce has a light creaminess, and the spinach is done well; however, there’s nothing really to shout about for the dish.

Additionally, we ordered the Garlic Mash ($8), consisting of garlic, potatoes, sour cream, milk, and herbs.

The portion is very generous, with large amounts of garlic cloves within the mash. The mash itself is creamy and smooth, complementing well with the beef. I highly recommend ordering it to go along with your steaks.


The caramelised onions (all sauces are $3) are packed with flavour and thick. They also have several other sauce options such as truffle garlic butter, Dan’s red wine veal au jus, and more.


If you ask me, nothing beats washing down the heaviness of a meal with some refreshing fresh fruit Soju.

The Watermelon Soju ($21, plain: $18) is served in a jug along with shot glasses. The bartender was lively and often check with us on the Soju’s strength level, which we are content with.

Dan’s Steaks also offers other drinks like cocktails, wine, beers, and more.

Overall, I would give Dan’s Steaks the following rating:

Food: 4/5
Space & Ambience: 4/5
Service: 5/5

I would like to give a special mention to the staff who are consistently checking in with us on the food and drinks, whilst asking for feedback on our meals. I look forward to seeing the improved dishes the next time.

*All photos were taken by me unless otherwise stated. This post is not sponsored, opinions are of my own.

Dan’s Steaks

12 Maju Ave, Singapore 556690

Opening Hours: 1700 – 22:00 (Tues, Wed), 1700 – 22:30 (Thurs – Sun), Mon closed.