Plain Vanilla Bakery: A Sweet Tooth’s Dream

Nestled amongst the numerous rows of Tiong Bahru blocks is Plain Vanilla Bakery. They serve delectable cupcakes, baked goods and many more to people of all ages.

Space and Ambience

Upon entering Plain Vanilla Bakery, you’ll be greeted by a wide selection of mouth-watering food that stretches across the counter to the back-end of the store. If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen, there are also shelves of luxurious culinary items on the opposite of the counter for your leisure viewing.

There are both indoor and outdoor seating at Plain Vanilla Bakery. My friend and I chose to sit outside as the space was airy and green.


The Ham, Asparagus & Gruyere Tart ($9) is perfect for fuelling your day. The ham is crispy with the right amount of saltiness. The tart also has several asparagus spread around the ham. The saltiness and crispness of the ham and asparagus complement light and airy eggs inside the tart. The slightly burnt Gruyere cheese on top of the tart elevates its savouriness with each bite.


Chocolate Tout ($4.20) and Earl Grey Lavender ($3.50) cupcakes

The special cupcake of the month, Chocolate Tout, is dense, moist and filled with a decent amount of chocolate-stout ganache in it. The cupcake is topped with cream cheese frosting with a dust of cocoa powder on top. The frosting is thick and very sweet.

The Earl Grey Lavender cupcake is moist with hints of earl grey in it. However, I couldn’t taste the lavender as it’s very buttery.


The Lemon Chia Seed Loaf Slice ($5) is freshly made. The tart flavour of the lemon slice balances out the thick, sweet chia seed frosting on top. Additionally, generous bits of ginger can be found within the lemon slice, which is refreshing.

Overall, I would give Plain Vanilla Bakery the following rating:

Food: 3.5/5

Space & Ambience: 4/5

Service: 4/5

*All photos were taken by me. This post is not sponsored, opinions are of my own.

Plain Vanilla Bakery – Tiong Bahru

1D Yong Siak St, Singapore 168641

Tel: +65 9234 8474

Revised Opening Hours: 08:00 – 19:00 (Mon – Sun)