Merci Marcel Club Street: Chic French Dining Experience

At the heart of Singapore’s bustling CBD, Merci Marcel Club Street serves up comforting French food to diners seeking respite from their daily lives.

Space & Ambience

Merci Marcel Club Street has a spacious interior. Its decor strikes a balance between being classy and laid-back with its blue velvet cushions and rattan chairs, making it perfect for casual and business meetings.

With the soft melodies of French music playing in the background, one might mistake the French bistro’s alfresco dining space to be those on the streets of Paris.


One of the selling points of Merci Marcel is that their foods are organic and they directly import their products from France.

Merci Marcel Club Street has several menus. My friend and I went for the Daytime menu which has a wide variety of choices: variations of cheese & cold cuts, mains, salads, sweets and set lunch. We decided to go for a 2 course ($30++) and 3 course ($34++) set lunch meal.


The Salmon rillettes with homemade flatbread is an unexpected hit for me.

The portion is decent, with four slices of flatbread and a full bowl of rillette. The salmon rillette is well seasoned and savoury from the salmon fat. The flatbread is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The warmth of the flatbread complements the saltiness from the rillette, making for a refreshing taste in the mouth.

The Grilled asparagus mint, pine nuts, organic egg crumble isn’t anything to shout about. The portion of two asparagus and a spoonful of peas is quite small.

The asparagus is crunchy and the peas aren’t overly soft. However, I can’t taste the flavours from organic egg crumble. I would recommend passing on the grilled asparagus for other starters.


Ravioles de Royans French dumpling pasta filled with Tête de Moine cheese (small: $18, large: $28)

The portion of the ravioli is generous as I can scoop up at least 2-3 ravioli each time. The cheese in the al dente ravioli bursts in your mouth with each bite.

Initially, I was feeling wary that the dish will be overly cheesy and creamy with the sauce but that isn’t the case. The cream sauce is rich but not overwhelming and the drizzles of pesto sauce give it a nice balance to the palette.

What amazes me about this dish is the ‘cheese petals’. Finely cut slices of cheese are delicately wrapped into flower petals. It goes well with the ravioli.

Duck Parmentier duck confit, shredded Darphin potatoes, duck jus ($27)

At first glance, one might mistake the duck confit to be pulled pork. Nevertheless, the duck confit is flavourful and the meat is succulent. The Darphin potatoes that are nestled underneath the duck are crisp on the outside, fluffy and starchy on the inside. The salad on top is drizzled with a vinaigrette but it’s too raw for my liking.


Chocolate cake berry coulis

The chocolate cake is dense and the berry coulis tastes fresh. The berry bites also add dimension to the dish. However, the berry coulis’ flavour is too overpowering that I couldn’t really taste the chocolate. I would say that the berry coulis gives a tart aftertaste that’s pleasant. If you’re a fan of fruits and berries, this might be for you.

Overall, I would give Merci Marcel the following rating:

Food: 4/5

Space & Ambience: 5/5

Service: 4/5

This chic, easy-going dining space definitely provides diners with a chance for a true French connection with the cuisine.

*All photos were taken by me. This post is not sponsored, opinions are of my own.

Merci Marcel – Club Street

7-9 Club St Singapore 069400

Tel: +65 6438 3913

Revised Opening Hours: 09:00 – 22:30 (Mon – Sun)